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Gaurang H. Motta

Forest Produce Series

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At Monks Bouffe, we wake up each day to inspire each one of us to change our food habits, rooted in tradition & nutrition. 


We are your community focused food store getting traditional Indian groceries and forest produce to you, by supporting producers & communities that are on the field, carrying forward our rich heritage of food & farming practices.

Upcoming Events

Forage In The Forest Walk

This Forest walk is an expression of connecting with our roots, exploring the rich diversity of our local food, experiencing the tribal culinary delights and learning from tribal wisdom and their sustainable ways of living. 


It is an effort into investing a day where each one of us can return back with something that makes our lives more fulfilling, happy or maybe just experience the magic our forests have to offer.

⚲ Deopada, Near Karjat

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